Egypt Delivery

  • Orders in Egypt are either delivered by BrandLoca delivery system or through a logistic company.

  • Orders take from 5-7 working days if its a ready made item otherwise items made by order its time is decided by the manufacturer and mentioned clearly.
  • For all orders, a customer would receive a confirmation email with order reference number  immediately after order is made, then should receive a message or an email with availability confirmation.

  • Cash is paid upon delivery

  • Vodafone Cash


International Delivery

  • Orders are paid online through credit card or Visa

  • Shipping fees are calculated according to delivery destination



Egypt Delivery Fees

  • Alexandria: 60 L.E

  • Cairo: 60 L.E

  • Others: up to 120 L.E depending on the City.


International Delivery Fees

  • GCC: 12$

  • Qatar: 15$

  • Europe: 16$

  • USA: 19$

  • Africa: 16$