Opel Corsa (Opel Corsa)

The official debut of a completely new Opel Corse was scheduled for the international Frankfurt Motor Show in September two thousand nineteen years, but, in May in the network got a commercial version of the photo and its main features. It is necessary to mention that the novelty is completely new, already the sixth generation. It has moved to the newest platform, has received an alphabetic index F, provided, by the standards of the sector, a list of equipment, the line of small-sized turbocharged engines and a completely different design. The car is radically different from its predecessor. It has different proportions, also the design is more reminiscent of the older Insignia. Headlights are visibly narrower and no longer have large round focussing lenses. The radiator grille is now hexagonal and has moved upward, giving way to a trapezoidal air intake. On the stern, there is a spoiler above the rear window, an embossed bumper, and a small twin-barrel exhaust system.


The Opel Corsa is a five-door subcompact hatchback. After the change of generations, it has become palpably lower and more expansive. The dimensions are: length of four thousand sixty millimeters, width of one thousand seven hundred fifty-four millimeters, and height of one thousand four hundred thirty-three millimeters. In 1917, concern PSA bought Opel, which means that the novelty has a French platform CMP. It is also the basis of the Peugeot two hundred and eight and the DS3 Crossback. The suspension assembly is typical of the class. On the front axle there are McPherson struts with rigid arms, subframe and antiroll bar, and semi-independent torsion support at the back. It is necessary to notice that after transition to the newest architecture, the automobile has managed to lose about 100 eight kilograms. The trunk’s size has also increased. With the backrests of the second row of seats raised, the hatchback is capable of providing up to three hundred and nine liters. of free space, which is 20 5 liters. more than in the 5th generation.

Technical Features.

The manufacturer has prepared five different powertrain variants for the Opel Korsa. Gasoline versions will be equipped with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder PureTech gasoline engine. It is equipped with a turbocharger and presented in three different versions. You can choose from 70 5 100 and 100 50 hp. The junior unit is equipped with a five-speed manual. The medium also works with a “manual” transmission, but already with six gears or an eight-speed hydro-mechanical automatic with eight gears. Only an automatic gearbox is available for the older engine. For the lovers of the voluminous fuel the manufacturer produces an in-line turbocharged diesel four BlueHDi. It develops 100 horses and works only with a six-speed manual. In addition to the internal combustion engine, the Corsa will get a fully electronic version. It’s got 100, 306 horsepower and two hundred and eighty-six Nm of torque. Power comes from a battery of lithium-ion batteries installed under the floor. Their total capacity is 50 kWh. Cruising range is up to three hundred and 40 km.


Opel Corsa will be presented in 4 different packages. The older version GS line will get a sportier exterior, iron pedal pads, a steering wheel with a truncated rim and a special sport mode control electronics, warming up the temper of the hatchback. It will be possible to find an advanced multimedia system with a seven-or ten-inch touch screen in the interior. It is an upgraded version of MyLink . There are also a few unusual, by the standards of the class, options. The car will be equipped with leather seats with massage functions as well as an automatic parking system and radar cruise control.