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wooden and ceramic box by Hala Ahmed

540.00 EGP

Hexagone Wooden shelves

2,500.00 EGP

Epoxy round coffee table

4,500.00 EGP

Epoxy tray

1,500.00 EGP

Epoxy wall clock

1,500.00 EGP

Turquoise seashells coaster

120.00 EGP

Blue seashells coaster

120.00 EGP

Blue sea coaster

120.00 EGP

Turquoise sea coaster

120.00 EGP

Light rocky sea coaster

120.00 EGP

Turquoise rocky sea coaster

120.00 EGP

Dark Purple sea key holder

450.00 EGP

Blue sea key holder with seashells

450.00 EGP

Light blue key holder with seashells

650.00 EGP

Mixed purple key holder

650.00 EGP

Green Key holder

650.00 EGP

Purple sea key holder with seashells

450.00 EGP

Mosaic wall clock

1,237.50 EGP

Zan wooden tray

800.00 EGP

round gold feather tray

750.00 EGP850.00 EGP

white with gold oval tray

850.00 EGP950.00 EGP

grey clock on stand

1,350.00 EGP

clock on stand

900.00 EGP

white with silver tray

850.00 EGP950.00 EGP

white with gold tray

850.00 EGP950.00 EGP

blue with offwhite and gold wall clock

1,600.00 EGP

white with gold wall clock

1,300.00 EGP

oval gold feather tray

750.00 EGP850.00 EGP

set of 3 trays

500.00 EGP800.00 EGP

oval wall clock

1,650.00 EGP

feather Trinket

150.00 EGP

Hamsa Trinket

130.00 EGP

Spoon By Mona Kenyi

55.00 EGP

Customized Crochet throw blankets

450.00 EGP600.00 EGP

Square Crochet Cushion’s cover

250.00 EGP

Round crochet placemat

280.00 EGP